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Is it time to bid WFH goodbye?

As we all start to make peace with the fact that Covid is here to stay, offices must start to reopen with infrastructure designed to enable safe interactions. As most companies rush to resume normal operations, fortunately, several employees also echo this sentiment. This is because of a strong yearning to interact with colleagues and mellow down the pressure of working 24/7 from home.

Here are a few guidelines to make your workspace covid safe in the new normal.

#1 - Greet them with your eyes. Mandatory wearing of masks.

In this new normal, wearing masks is mandatory to stay protected. In offices, which are enclosed spaces, the practise of wearing masks becomes particularly important. Make sure the face mask covers your nose, mouth and chin. Keep your face mask on wherever it's necessary to do so, even if there are no other people around. This small piece of clothing can potentially save our lives, jobs and the economy. At the entry of the office, a checkpoint should be emplaced to make sure that stringent protocols are followed by all the employees to make the workspace covid safe.

#2 - Temperature measurement at doorstep

Offices and other workplaces are relatively close settings, with several shared spaces. The inevitable physical proximity may cause infections to spread fast among officials, staff and visitors. This establishes the importance of timely and effective prevention. Measuring the temperature of employees at the entry point will make sure to examine the correct temperature of the employee and whether they have symptoms or not and are safe to enter the workplace.

We are foreseeing times that would divide human history into two eras - the world before the COVID-19 outbreak and one that survived it. - Gautam Adani

#3 - Granting physical access in a controlled manner

Employers must also enhance access control by identifying each employee through facial detection, apart from mask recognition and temperature measurement. Once these criteria are fulfilled, only then the employee will be allowed to enter the office premises. Hence, making sure all the steps are followed and adhered to sequentially.

#4 - Tracking inside the office

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a seismic shift in the workplace, ushering in an unprecedented era of lockdowns, social distancing, and remote working. A building manager must, at all times, be informed of the whereabouts of the occupants of the office. This is necessary in order to detect the infected places inside the office premises and safely sanitise the affected areas by tracking back the place’s employees visited.

#5 Leveraging technology to enable safer workspaces

Technology is the differentiator between simply surviving and actually thriving.

Against the backdrop of social distancing related norms, technology is becoming increasingly relevant and crucial to limit the impact of Covid-19 on business operations. Technology will play an active role in ensuring that the transition to working from the office is smooth and secure when the workspace opens up to make it covid safe and keep the employees protected.

  • With mask recognition technology, this can be done regularly to keep a track of employees whether they are entering the office premises while wearing a mask or not.

  • A contactless thermal imaging sensor can be leveraged for day to day monitoring of the temperature of the occupants of the building.

  • Facial detection technology will ensure information security by arbitraging access based on an employee database.

  • Further, Asset tracking technology can enable employers to track and neutralize bio-threats.

Citilight has built a device called 'ProE' that ticks all the points from the above list and make sure the workspace remains safe and protected in these challenging times. Citilight aims to invent products to better the world using IoT (Internet of Things) as its base and helping to create an impact to help solve real-time challenges and difficulties faced globally.

During this time of global turmoil, we want to help you stay operational and serve your users around the clock. Want to learn how easy it is to deploy and understand the features of the newly invented product.- we'd love to talk with you! Click Here to know more about ProE. If you find this information helpful feel free to comment below and share your views.

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