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NEMA Wireless Node

Introducing the NEMA Wireless Node by CITiLIGHT, a cutting-edge outdoor street light automation solution. Built on 4G LTE technology, it offers hassle-free plug-and-play installation, leveraging existing network infrastructure. With a proven track record of automating street lighting in over 100 cities, CITiLIGHT brings years of expertise to the table. The NEMA Wireless Node delivers enhanced efficiency, energy savings, and improved safety through intelligent control features. Its scalability and compatibility with smart city initiatives make it future-ready, while ensuring a seamless transition to a sustainable and connected urban environment. Experience the power of NEMA Wireless Node and revolutionize your city's street lighting system. It also comes in a LoRaWAN® variant suitable for projects where RF technology is specified.


• Individually controls each lamp

• Supports ambient light based operation

• Helps prevent energy wastage by dimming/scheduling

• Generates accurate invoice based on factual data

• Ensures transparency in operations

• Drives accountability

• Secure & tamper proof technology

• Drastically reduces the turnaround time for repair & maintenance jobs

• LTE technology enables controlling & monitoring from any locations

Technical specifications

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