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Efficient Street Lighting Solutions

Marina Remote Terminal Unit

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RTU for Street Light Automation (CCMS)

CCMS (Centralised Control and Monitoring System) is a control solution for street lighting. It is an end to end system that includes both hardware and software components and is instrumental in helping save million of dollars of money otherwise spent on energy, manpower and repair and maintenance.

Marina RTU is integral to all CCMS devices that used for group control of street lights.

LED Indicators


There are 4 light indicators (LED) on the front of Marina-RTU. 

Red LED: Red LED indicates that Marina-RTU is powered ON.  
Blue LED: Blue LED blinking indicates the signal strength of Marina-RTU. 
Green LED: Green LED indicates the connectivity of Marina-RTU with the server. 
Yellow LED: Yellow LED blinking indicates the Marina-RTU communication with meter. 


Introduction to RTU & CCMS Systems

The brain of Marina RTU is a microcontroller. It interacts with other major components such as contactor, energy meter and GPRS/GSM modems. All these components are placed in an Enclosure. The Marina RTU is placed at the switching point.

Marina RTU engages in bidirectional communication with Web Applications. It receives commands from the Web Application to turn ON/OFF, Dimming the street light. It also receives commands via to schedule turn ON/OFF, Dimming of lights. It has self-protection from conditions such as short–circuit, over-voltage surge. 

Communication via Remote Network

For Marina RTU and Web applications, communication is essential. Our portfolio for Remote Networks includes components for wired and wireless communication.  Security is must for remote access.

Advantages of CCMS

Eliminates manual intervention for operating lights.

GSM/GPRS/LoRa technology enables controlling & monitoring from any location. 

Generates accurate invoices based on factual data.

Drives accountability. 

Eliminates manual intervention for operating lights.

Secure and tamper-proof technology. 

Real-time update of lighting network status and faults on the operator screen. 

Helps with data analytics. 

Drastically reduces the turnaround time for repair and maintenance jobs. 

Map support for asset location and status. 

Helps prevent energy wastage.

Promotes Smart Governance. 

Ensures transparency in operations. 


CITiLIGHT Solution Architecture 

Marina RTU has an in-built wireless modem, powered with a SIM card. RTUs are configured with public IP address of the server to provide following actions - ON/OFF/DIM the lights, scheduling, configure the Marina RTU and get Meter Data.

CCMS devices use the TCP/IP communication protocol of the underlying wireless network operator (Airtel, Vodafone, etc.) to send data to the server.

User Interface and Reporting Layer


Live Tracking

Reports & Analytics


Asset information



Telematics Engine

Application Layer

Device Specific Gateway 

Device Management 

Device Management 

Data Base

Wireless Communication Network (Mobile Service Provider) - GSM/GPRS/2G

Devices Layer (IoT)

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