Citilight is building data-driven cities on smart streetlight infrastructure



"We love the cities that we work for.

Providing data for lighting and  other amenities to function optimally with seamless ease"

Citilight delivers a proven business case, with technology that has been tried and tested and apply data to enhance city life.
Citilight is impacting 80 million lives daily, changing lives through our IoT Solutions.

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If you are looking for intelligent lighting you have reached the right place. We exceed customer expectations with our diverse range of intelligent products with a technology agnostic, scalable cloud platform that all smart city criteria.

Smart City Server


Mobile app

Decision making is key, and we realise that giving key information on a phone can cut response time to half. The Citilight makes use of Artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms to aid customers make faster, smarter decisions.

My CITi 

We are driven by the purpose of impacting peoples lives and we understand we can best contribute by making cities more and more intelligent. Lighting is essential but Citilight is open helping cities onboard other sensors as well. We welcome hardware companies open for collaboration to reach out so that we can server our cities better.

Intelligent Street light

Intelligent lighting is now an essential commodity for a city. We understand that each city has it's need and choices, we make sure that we have the solution ready - technologies, mounting, additional senses, etc, we have them covered. This category is called iLUMINATE.

Intelligent Control panel

Automatic turn on of street lights is an age old requirement, we know it needs no introduction. Cities of the future need a flexible feeder that works with devices of the future. iFeeder category takes care of all these needed


LMS with an edge

Citillight solutions have evolved from a single city solution to manage 12000 lights to now cover over 100 cities and over a million lights.

If you are city manager, municipal worker or a citizen, and want your city to become smart, reach out to us and we will make it happen.

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We believe in constant innovation, and for it we are proud to be associated with some truly awesome companies and individuals and together we generate even more value for our customers.

If you are a device manufacturer a technology provider or someone who is still on college and believes in our mission, we will be happy to work with you. Reach out to us below.

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