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iLUMINATE Integrated Node

The integrated node for street light automation is a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced hardware and intelligent software to revolutionize urban lighting. The integrated node features a compact and robust design, housing powerful microcontrollers, wireless communication modules (such as LoRaWAN or NB-IoT), and sensors (e.g., ambient light, motion). This architecture enables seamless integration with existing street light infrastructure.​ 

It has advantages over NEMA and Zhaga type nodes, enhanced Flexibility: Unlike NEMA nodes that follow a standardized form factor, the integrated node offers greater flexibility in terms of design and integration. Its compact size and modular architecture enable seamless adaptation to diverse street lighting fixtures, supporting retrofitting and future expansion.


LoRaWAN® is a low power wide area network protocol maintained by the LoRa Alliance®.

LoRa® provides the communication layer for LoRaWAN to communicate between sensors and gateways and is a derivative Chirp Spread Spectrum modulation (CSS).              


It is apt for street lighting control. This solution comes with a highly secure network server and UI server.

As the penetration of telecom network, increases it only makes sense to use it for all possible networking. With the success of iFeeder, CITiLIGHT® has launched the most extensive product range of individual lights controllers -




LTE_solution architecture Low res.jpg

The solution

CITiLIGHT® individual lighting solutions are compliant with most tender specifications. They primarily include the following parts.

LED Street light (with dimmable driver)

Standard street light with a 0-10V or DALI dimmable driver to ensure dimming feature works seamlessly for the project duration, we recommend using CITiLIGHT® approved drivers

iLuminate ILC Module

This module controls the lights, measures energy consumption (1% accuracy), follows an astronomical schedule, communicates with gateway or cloud server directly and executed sensor-based actions, for example, the light turns on once light level drops. One iLuminate node can control upto 4 lights together


The iLuminate modules communicate in a start topology with the gateway. The gateway is the network coordinator and completes the connection of the light with the cloud server. A gateway can control upto 5000 devices

Physical or Cloud server

The network of street lights sends data to the CITiLIGHT® AWS cloud servers. Smart light server applications are all available for on-premise hosting as well. Click here for more details

Smart lighting myths

Q. Smart Street Lighting Projects are out of budget?

With the stabilisation of technology and the reaching of economies of scale, smart street lighting solutions have proven extremely beneficial for cities and the overall cost of solution has come down considerably. 

Q. If my feeder automation solution and light automation solution will not talk to each other i can not have a unified solution for my city?

A. Lets answer this question in two parts

1. If you are using a feeder solution other than iFeeder (by CITiLIGHT®) in that case we use industry proven API to make a single dashboard of both the feeders and individual light controller

2. iFeeder and iLuminate together form a unified solution (single login) for the user to access all the data in one dashboard, which includes reports, analytics, ticketing software, control, a map view, user management, inventory management, etc.

Click here for more details

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