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Zhaga Wireless Node

At CITiLIGHT, we offer state-of-the-art street lighting controllers based on the Zhaga standard. Our Zhaga-based street lighting controllers are designed to provide efficient management and control of street lighting systems. Built with adherence to the Zhaga standard, our controllers ensure seamless compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of Zhaga-compliant lighting fixtures. With advanced features such as dimming capabilities, adaptive lighting controls, and remote monitoring and management, our controllers empower municipalities and organizations to enhance energy efficiency, optimize maintenance, and create smart and sustainable lighting solutions for urban areas. Explore our Zhaga wireless node lighting controllers today and revolutionize your lighting infrastructure.


  • Individually controls each lamp

  • Supports ambient light based operation

  • Helps prevent energy wastage by dimming/scheduling

  • Generates accurate invoice based on factual data

  • Ensures transparency in operations

  • Drives accountability

  • Secure & tamper proof technology

  • Drastically reduces the turnaround time for repair & maintenance jobs

  • LTE technology enables controlling & monitoring from any locations

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Technical specifications

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