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(Lighting Management System

Smart city server

Made for the city, made by the city

The smart city server solution is made from the experience of tera bites of data exchanged with devices installed in cities and after multiple rounds of discussions with decision makers and stake holders.

This server is in its 6th year of operation and has had unlimited no of iterations to deliver true value to customers.

Lighting Management System

Software solutions for Smart cities, Municipalities, Airports, Highways, etc.

LMS is the heart and soul of a smart city or similar smart lighting deployment. CITiLIGHT LMS solutions are built operating a full-stack development approach, which means maximising the possibilities to customise the offering based on end-customer needs.

CITiLIGHT LMS, like all other solutions, has evolved through an iterative design process based on innovation, feedback and collaboration methodology. We have been managing customer data, interacting with third-party applications using APIs. We strive to make solutions that are suitable to all kinds of cities and keep ourselves flexible to the customer needs, which includes language requirements, colour preferences, report formulas, etc.

Advantages of LMS

Both SaaS (Software as a service) & one-time license models available

Hosting options - Clouds & On-premise

Lowest latency in the industry (less than 1 minute)

Complete application available in mobile version as well

Flexible map visulaisation, public and private map integration (ESRI, Google, etc.)

API available for open data integarations

Multi language support

Separate application for ticketing, maintennace and surveying

Asset tracking module with advanced features

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