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CITiLIGHT introduces SmartVie, an intelligent building management system crafted in-house to revolutionise the management of building systems.


SmartVie is designed to seamlessly automate various building functionalities, including lighting, HVAC, and more. Beyond conventional systems, SmartVie extends its capabilities to encompass indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and carbon emissions tracking.


SmartVie stands as a cutting-edge solution that not only automates building systems for efficiency but also fosters a holistic approach to sustainability. With the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, SmartVie is poised to elevate operational efficiency and environmental footprint.

HVAC Control

Our HVAC Control module, where we provide cutting-edge solutions for efficient climate control in your building. Our HVAC module seamlessly integrates with your existing Building Management System (BMS), serving as a gateway for extended integration with various third-party actuators/sensors. 

Advantages of our HVAC Control Module


  • Energy efficiency with smart, occupancy-based HVAC control

  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption and extended equipment lifespan

  • Integration flexibility for ongoing compatibility

  • User-friendly interface for effortless management


Lighting Control

Our Lighting Control module, where we offer advanced solutions to empower you with efficient lighting management. Our Lighting module seamlessly integrates with your existing Lighting Management System (LMS) and directly with DALI fixtures through our or a third-party DALI Control module, providing you with a range of smart features for enhanced control and energy savings.


Advantages of our Lighting Control Module

  • Energy efficiency with dynamic lighting adjustments based on occupancy and natural light conditions

  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption

  • DALI compatibility for granular lighting control

  • User-friendly interface for easy system management

CO2 Emissions Monitoring

  • Actively contribute to environmental goals by monitoring and managing CO2 emissions.

  • Ensure a healthy indoor environment by adjusting ventilation systems in response to real-time CO2 levels.

  • Enhance overall building efficiency by aligning CO2 monitoring with energy management strategies.


Universally Compatible

  • Designed for universal compatibility, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of devices and protocols

  • Whether it's HVAC systems, lighting controls, or third-party actuators, SmartVie ensures an interoperable solution

  • Enhances scalability, allowing for easy expansion or integration of new technologies



  • Safeguard sensitive information and user data through end-to-end encryption.

  • Maintain the integrity of the BMS by regularly updating security measures to address potential vulnerabilities.

  • Proactively protect against cyber threats, ensuring continuous and reliable building management operations.

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