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Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS)

The saving of electricity is the most striking topic occupying the attention of executives, power engineers & consumers. The whole world is facing severe energy and electricity shortage. It is the responsibility of every citizen to adopt energy-saving models.

Lighting is the primary need for everyone and has the central augmentation to energy. With the growth of electricity consumption and increments in road accidents, it is essential to improve our lighting system, which can be only possible by using LED lighting.

We can see energy crises leaning upon the world, where the rising cost of electricity generation and the fast depletion of natural resources have forced Power Sector authorities, executives, corporations, and consumers, to look for innovative solutions and different possibilities.

Lighting consumes almost 20% of the total power consumption and the Lighting Industry has taken commendable actions in research and development to come out with unique technologies leading to higher proficiency in light sources. 

Now, with the advancement in technology and drifts, Citilight has developed LED Street Lights with CCMS, CCMS is known as the Centrally Controlling and Monitoring System. Which is used to controlling and monitoring the LED Lights in the city. This enables controlling and monitoring the complete city LED illumination system from a centralised location.

The primary advantage of this system is that we can control or monitor the whole city lights from one place, where our monitoring system is installed. The customary data is available on the computer and mobile screen.

What is CCMS?

Group Control & Monitoring System is a GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G/Equivalent proven technology installed in a feeder or switching point for remote monitoring and controlling a group of lights. It is a group-wise central monitoring system. Group Controller is an automatic light control throughout the year on basis of definite sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location.

It performs reporting of energy metering and failure information to the central control station at variable time intervals.

It achieves instant fault reporting via SMS along with fault information & details of the location. Group Controller has a built-in astronomical feature with a high precision real-time clock. It has Self-protection from short-circuit, over-voltage, overload, surge protection and antitheft alert.


  • Monitor: Easy to monitor existing infrastructure of street lighting from a desktop, without having to employ dedicated personnel. Get reports about the energy consumption of each set of lights.

  • Control: Change the status of lights (ON or OFF) from a remote location.

  • Schedule: Program ON and OFF timing of lights by creating schedules based on weather conditions and geographical location.

  • Wireless technology: Connects switch nodes to the web without any additional wiring cost.

  • Measure savings: In case lighting conversion to newer technology (like an LED) is taking place under an energy service model then we offer reliable savings data straight to your office without having to rely on manual readings taken from the field.

  • Savings: Save energy by turning ON lights only when required and then turning them OFF during daytime, without having to depend on manual labour for this job.

  • Safety: Turn lights ON automatically at dusk and provide a safe environment for commuters, pedestrians and women travelling at late hours.

  • Customisation: You can customise your experience by working together with our team to generate custom reports and interfacing with new sensors.

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