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Saving energy is a stepping stone for all smart cities

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

A lot of energy is getting waste in heating and cooling of electrical appliances and also, we take a lot of energy to power our daily lives. Our homes use approx. 39% more energy today than they did in approx. 40 years back and If we would not have saved energy by technology innovation, this number would be a lot higher. After getting so much technology in our lives to increase power saving, we are still struggling to decrease power use because indoor and outdoor appliances are increasing everyday. With the help of single touch, we are saving electrical energy every minute, the use of IoT and demand of future we are saving electrical energy on a vast level in street lighting.

By controlling Lights individually we are reducing power thefts, developing balanced electrical infrastructure by monitoring, dimming lights individually with the help of simple program, easy data analysation. Looking towards Ultra-compact warm-white LEDs, Innovative office and classroom lighting systems, cost efficient, highly effective next generation lighting, etc for further energy saving.

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