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MapmyIndia to build ‘Digital Map Twin of the Real World

The Hindu Businessline

17 Apr 2017

Ties up with various firms to provide solutions (including CITiLIGHT (formerly Aatapaha)

Digital maps and location technologies provider MapmyIndia on Monday announced that its Real View platform is now capable of building the ‘Digital Map Twin of the Real World’.

The digital map will capture, recognise and publish real-as-life 3D map of both outdoors and indoors through GPS, laser and panoramic camera sensors embedded on top of ground-based vehicles, back-packs, trains, flying drones and trolleys.
Real View can be updated continuously by leveraging MapmyIndia’s Internet of things platform, InTouch, which can process streams of real-time video and data from vehicle sensors and professionally moderated crowd-sourced reports, the company said. The crowd-sourced reports can be on traffic and road conditions. Its analytics engine evaluates geo-tagged videos in real-time through computer-vision and machine-learning techniques to recognise and extract fixed features and changing obstacles on/conditions of the roads, the firm said.
“We are focussed on creating maps so advanced that they mirror the real world, building location technologies so powerful that they can leapfrog India to the forefront of the digital world. We want to encourage innovation across India, to help map a better and smarter future for all Indians,” said Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.

Meanwhile, the company has also tied-up with ISRO, Idea Cellular, Visit Health, Aatapaha Smart Lighting, Reverie Language Technologies and Udacity India, to provide the best of solutions.

The partnerships will see full localisation of the digital map in Indian languages with access through a multi-lingual keyboard assistant app. The tie-up with Visit Health will result in an artificial intelligence-powered telemedicine platform integrated with map and GPS for a Swasth Bharat solution. The firm plans a product with Udacity India to strengthen the self-driving engineering ecosystem in the country.

Integrated with ISRO’s Bhuvan and Navic, the digital map can also give any government, business or consumer the best of locally made maps, satellite images and hybrid layers, which can be updated in near-real time in case of disaster, the company added.

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