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Pattern Recognising Omniscient Edge Device (PRO E)

Citilight's ultimate facial recognition access control device, ProE has revolutionized authentication technology by introducing Facial Recognition which provides a great and effortless user experience.


Facial Recognition is based on innovative, deep learning technology, designed to meet the distinctive user identification needs of the organizations.


A robust, reliable, and powerful device that provides near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions, is efficient with medical masks and resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts.


Backed with powerful application software is an ideal solution for time-attendance and access control applications to enhance the productivity or security of new-age organizations.


ProE is best suited for corporate offices, manufacturing units, government organizations, hospitals, schools, colleges, construction sites and many more.


The benefit of liveness detection is improved security and fraud detection. The advantage of ProE is that it is both secure and easy to use and less human intervention is needed. The product examines different elements of the image to detect artefacts that help distinguish between a photo of a live person.

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Time - Attendance

Building Access

Asset Tracking

Data Management

Visitor Management

Facial Access Control

A New Generation for Facial Recognition

It only takes less than one second; the unique single image approach uses the same selfie taken for facial recognition to determine the person.

The single image approach requires absolutely no participation for a better user experience; improves automation rates.

The on-device option is available. Stores data and offers superior scalability using a web services architecture.

Compliant for scanning individual faces to 100% accuracy. The software recognises faces daily.

Works for Everyone, Everywhere
Designed an algorithm that delivers unbiased results across demographics, including race, gender, and age.

Reduces infrastructure costs and large-scale server costs for deployment.


Contactless Authentication

High Identification Speed

High-Performance in Challenging Conditions

 Low IT Infrastructure Cost, Future Proof

Flexibility on Deployment

Improves People Flow Management

Easy to Use

Requires Minimal User Involvement

High Accuracy

High Productivity and Security

Facial Recognition Access Control

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Name: Gaurav Sharma
Dept: Finance
In Time: 9:!5 am
Out time

Detect if the visitor is wearing a mask

Measure temperature at entrance of building

Facial detection based Access control

Wi-Fi based connectivity


Mobile & Web Connectivity

Building administrators and users can remain connected to the system at all times with the Citilight ProE app.
Get alerts on the application, check reports on standards being followed at the building, and alerts on a person being detected with a high temperature.
Users get to experience a full-blown HRM app experience. With the HR manager able to login to the web to add data, update records, etc.


Get real time access updates.

User get access to a full blown HRM application.

Get alerts from multiple devices

Ready to tackle Covid -19

Screen individuals daily in just 3 steps




Helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus

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