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Light Bulb


We at Citilight strive to positively impact lives. These are lives of citizens of cities where we provide smart street lighting services through innovative hardware, cutting edge software services clubbed with lighting automation system upkeep and maintenance services.


So far we have done street light automation for over 100 cities and have covered more than 1 million street lights in the process. Every day we positively impact 80 million lives and are on a mission to take this number to up to 1 billion by 2025.


As part of our mission, we aim to go global, with presence in 5 continents by 2023. And good news is that we are about to start our first project in the US!  We work as OEMs to major lighting brands which includes, Panasonic, Bajaj Electrical, Havells India & EESL.

We believe that the language of lighting cuts across the many distinctions man has made in the community. So by spreading our foot print across the globe we wish to impart our learning, provide our products and services in solving problems of people in places where the locals may speak different languages, may be suppressed based on their colour or origin, but they all unite when it comes to smart lighting and its benefits – like maintaining safety, energy efficiency, reducing costs, quick and easy maintenance, online & live data, and for it they all point to Citilight.


Along with our lighting products we have recently launched a range of unique smart hand sanitiser solutions, called Purpose ProE. It marks your attendance, and allow you access in to a building based on facial recognition, and deep learning algorithms. More details can be viewed here.


We are always looking for individuals, companies, traders and agencies across the globe to partner with and to help increase our footprint and impact to help us achieve our mission.

The Team


An avid reader, Shinjini, comes from a marketing background, with expertise in online campaigns, SEO, blog. She is also runs a stationary e-store along with donning the role of President Admin and Communictions

Aman Chawla

Aman is a technocrat, he loves engineering, and left a very fulfilling job at Texas Instruments, to pursue his purpose - to sell things that had an electronic heart. That's actually how he started. He has garnered a variety of skills in his 10 years in business - product design, design validation are the things closest to his heart.

He loves to cook and aspires to setup a restaurant some time soon.

Shinjini A Chawla



Ashish Samuel
VP - Sales
Nishith Bhatia
VP - Projects
Gaurav Tyagi
Product Manager
Divya Chandhok
Manager -HR



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