Easily take video stream to a second screen, for bigger areas like stadiums, airports. Areas with greater flow of people

Smart Hand Sanitiser

Enterprise Edition

8MP camera generates high resolution video from which accurate face data can be extracted, even in very very low light

A santiser dispenser solution that can hold 1 litre of alcohol based sanitiser liquid, with data regarding level of liquid in dispensers across the building availble on the FREE mobile app

Unique dual mount option

  • Clamp based mounting arrangement for a plush fitting into any wall

  • Stand mounting option availble too

Advanced facial recognition technology that scans the face to detect the name and employee ID of the person at the entrance of the building

  • Marks attendance on Citilight HRM system

  • Get FREE access to mobile app and web based dashboard

  • Access Control - unlock doors based on facial data (3rd party door lock integration requried)

Multiple interfacing options


Marks attendance, Grants access on AI based face recognition.



Use the ProE screen to cast any advertisement. Schedule different ads for different time slots during the day. This feature helps you make money for a commercial building where the sanitiser at the entrance will help boost business.

Get alerts from multiple devices

Users get access to a full blown HRM app

Users get access to a full blown HRM app

Get realtime access updates

Mobile & Web app


Mobile & Web Connectivity

Building supervisors, users and admins can remain connected to the system at all times with a the Citilight ProE app.

Get alerts on the app, for sanitiser over at a particular location, check reports on sanitisation standards being followed at the building, and alerts on a person being detected with high temperature.

Users get to experience a full blown HRM app experience. With the HR manager able to login to the web to add data, update records, etc.

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*Feature is subject to integration with 3rd party hardware



Purpose PRO Enterprise Edition Teaser

Founder speaks on our newest product

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