Covid-19 Response

Hand Hygiene

Detection system

Implementation of an effective strategy to supress Covid-19 disease is posing tremendous challenge to the global community at large. Citilight, a leading solution for IOT in India presents an M2M & LoRaWAN based effective, low cost answer to the hand hygiene challenge.

hand hygiene connected to the internet

Compliance Ratio, the number of Users passed the HHDS Unit without sanitizing versus total number of people crossing the device

High Temperature Cases, the number of users having more than normal temperature and identifying the user for necessary action

Sanitizer Levels, HHDS software highlights the level of sanitizer in the tanks for timely replenishment

Reports, detailed reports on sanitizer consumption, usage levels and non-compliance areas and period

Smart Re-ordering, the User Interface allows you to hassle free re-order sanitizer whenever you are running low with just a click of few buttons

How does it work

By the addition of HHDS into a building one can ensure that all the members of a household, employees of an office, students of a school start giving importance to hand hygiene

Prevents Dry Passes

Person passes the HHDS module without use, the system changes it’s colour and alerts the person with a flashing red colour and sound (optional)

Auto Dispense

Person places his hand under the atomizer and sanitizer is dispensed as per set dosage


Detection reports, sensor data is all transmitted to Citilight IOT servers, where advanced analytic tools help user derive useful insights about hand hygiene in the premises

Types of HHDS

HHDS for small areas

For relatively smaller areas, typically spaces with 10 doors or less, we offer two solutions, one with a integrated tank and the other with an external tank, we suggest the integrated tank variant for a small area, and it can be upgraded with the external tank integration at any time in future.

HHDS for enterprises

For bigger areas, it is essential that the caution is greater as the number of access points increase, so design of such a space becomes critical to controlling of spread of germs and infection. As HHDS is a connected system and as the number of doors increase more than 10 the network cost needs to be kept under check. HHDS enterprise offering is the answer for any large area like a hospital, industry, stadium, etc. The HHDS dispensers all communicate in a star LAN made using LoRaWAN protocol

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